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Ashley is a creator who makes a lot of content on identity so I asked Ashley to unpack it all with me. Unfortunately because they aren't the whole story they end up messing things up for us a lot. This episode is about some of those fails, the psychology behind them, and what our take-aways are. What is going to happen to our measures of attraction in the future? The brain is trained to find shortcuts in sex and theater and education. Masturbate in an upright position, standing, sitting, racing someone, while in traffic, while reading, using your non-dominant hand, in the shower, with penetration, in the garden, on the beach, and in the bath. There are things happening now that censor of sexuality too -- demonetization of channels by LGBT and sex educators, denial of comprehensive sex education in schools, outright lying about our bodies and our identities.

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I basically didn't know how to flirt with her beyond the scientifically prescribed steps and she points out that yeah, she didn't know I was trying to make advances.

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The Condom Experiment

Take one step that increases the diversity of peoples' experience of other peoples' appearances. If you want your brain rocked this is the episode for you. AND come up with a trivia name that's sex related. Klicka här för att uppdatera flödet manuellt. How will internet interacting come into the real world? Many thanks to Jessi for being on the show!

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you show me how to put a condom on
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you show me how to put a condom on
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