Tips to Survive Your Long Distance Flight

Taking those 2 to 6 hours flights may not be big deal for most flyers, but when it comes to a long-haul flight you will have to find ways to “survive” it. Here are some of the more important things you can do to make your trip more comfortable.

Those frequent flyer miles you have long been accumulating can be of great help when you are in a long-distance flight. So if you have your frequent flyer miles, make sure to get the most out of them during your long-haul. They could mean the following – first-class legroom, some great food, full-recline chairs, breathing space and entertainment. If anything else, make sure that you get an upgrade when flying for more than 7 hours.

Secondly, because you have lots of time at your hand during the trip, it is important to find ways to escape boredom. This will require much more than working, writing important business proposals, and checking those reports. All these can help burn up a few hours, but you are still going to have a lot of vacant hours to fill up with something. Games, movies and music can be of great help. The key is to use more captivating movies and games so that you will not know where the hours flew by.

When flying on a trip of over 8-10 hours, it is better to keep your luggage low. The checked baggage charges may inspire you normally to carry more, but when it comes to long-haul flights, you are going to be at a loss. You don’t want to find yourself in a space that is cramped and has lesser legroom, especially when you will be almost in that position for 10-16 hours. Bring just enough so that you don’t have to make room for it in your sleeping space.

Always carry your go-to gear when on a long-haul flight. This includes neck pillow, eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, earplugs and a few other things. These items are not large in size, so they will not interfere with the requirement to keep the carry-on smaller. Keep in mind that your body and mind will require every tiny amount of comfort that you can provide. Keep in mind that the engine noise and pilot announcements will seem to be sweet in the beginning of the journey, but hearing them repetitively can be a big inconvenience. Besides, there are going to be crying kids and major strain in the neck. So make sure to carry your go-to gear along.

Most of the time, traveler will take their long-haul flight to be a great place to rest. It may seem to be an intelligent strategy to get onto the plane extremely tired, thinking that you could sleep the entire way. However it is recommended that you would rather have all the rest before boarding the plane. You could never know what may prevent you from having a relaxing sleep during the journey. So if you are planning to take a long-distance journey, make sure that you follow the above-mentioned tips.

Hawaii Happenings: Much to celebrate on Oahu and Maui this Spring season.

Art and culture take center stage this Spring with a Bob Dylan concert, a major photographic exhibit and a nightly cliff dive ceremony. Here are some of the highlights:

“An Evening with Bob Dylan:” Rock and Roll icon to perform two concerts in Hawaii. After taking a 16-year hiatus from the Aloha state, Bob Dylan will be strutting his stuff in April on two Hawaiian Islands. The legendary troubadour will perform at the Maui Arts and Culture Center on April 26 and is also booked for an April 29th concert at Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena.

If a visit to Hawaii is on your calendar, or if you live in Hawaii, this is a rare opportunity to experience one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, musically and culturally, the man described by Time Magazine as a “master poet, caustic social critic and intrepid, guiding spirit of the counterculture generation.” See ticket details below.

More art and culture: In Honolulu, round out your beachcombing expeditions with a visit to the Honolulu Museum of Art where a photographic exhibit titled “Decisive Moments” is on display through June 8. The exhibit’s title, “Decisive Moments” honors the phrase coined by French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, when he described the singular convergence of simultaneous form and motion recognized by the photographer when he/she captures an enduring image. On display are more than 70 works by giants of the genre, Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Lisette Model, Robert Mapplethorpe, William Eggleston and more. Sign up for one of the museum’s scheduled tours and follow the tour with an art discussion over iced tea in the Museum’s Café.

Make it a musical immersion on Maui: On the last Thursday of each month, in a free outdoor concert, Hawaiian musicians perform in the kanikapila style on the lawn of Baldwin House Museum. In a tranquil setting, the audience gathers on the lawn while Hawaiian artists share their music, vocal talent and love for Hawaii. Bring a blanket and beach chair. April’s concert is on the 24th, just two days before the evening Dylan event.

Where to Stay: Honolulu. On my last stay in Honolulu, I very much enjoyed a stay at the Shoreline Waikiki. My island-themed room with a city view was infused with urban chic yet just two blocks from famed Waikiki Beach. Out the door, a vast choice of multi-ethnic restaurants and world class shopping venues beckoned, from the budget friendly Forever 21 to the upscale Chanel and Gucci boutiques. The Waikiki Shoreline’s staff recommended several restaurants during our stay, even graciously calling ahead for reservations. After a day out exploring the island, we returned for a soak in the rooftop pool to watch the sunset light up the skies over the island’s majestic mountains. Because we only needed a car for excursions, the hotel’s private parking on the entry level was super convenient. Too, the hotel’s intimate size lends itself to a romantic stay. There’s a definite feeling of “coming home” when you walk in to the lobby with its welcoming staff, light-filled lounge area and refreshing drink station. Visit

Where to Stay Maui: Another taste of Hawaiian culture awaits those who stay at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa. As day transitions to twilight, the resort’s nightly Cliff Dive Ceremony recreates the legend of an 18th century leader, “King of the Spirit Leap,” Chief Kahekili, who inspired his people with this very same feat. Each evening just before sunset, a young warrior sets torches aflame, shedding light along the path as he travels to the summit of Pu‘u Keka‘a, known as Black Rock. With a blessing to his ancestors, he then offers his torch and lei to the waters below before making the courageous traditional dive into the Pacific.
Nestled amongst 23 acres of tropical landscaping, all guest rooms at Sheraton Maui Resort &Spa offer breathtaking views of the Pacific. Pure paradise. Visit

“An Evening with Bob Dylan” tickets: Honolulu’s Blaisdell Arena: Ticketmaster Phone Sales/Information line: 1-800-745-3000 or 866-448-7849. . Tickets: $59, $69, $89, limited number of premium $125 seats.
Maui Arts & Cultural Center, 1-808-242-7469. Visit:

Honolulu Museum of Art: 900 S Beretania St, Honolulu. (808) 532-8700

Baldwin House Museum concerts: Lahaina Restoration Foundation, 120 Dickenson Street, Lahaina, Hawaii 808-661-3262. [email protected]

For information and a calendar of events for all of the Hawaiian Islands, visit

Hawaiian Airlines offers non-stop service to Oahu and Maui from major US cities with the option to add inter-island flights to your ticketing. Visit

Online reservation of hotels in Canada

Located in the northern part of America, Canada is a popular tourist destination. The growth and development of Canada tourism can be attributed to the hotels in Canada which are known for their higher standard of hospitality service. Various Canada hotels provide a friendly ambiance to travelers so that travelers can enjoy seamless services provided round the clock. Strategically located hotels in Canada are known for offering all sorts of accommodation facilities to travelers.

Niagara Falls in the City of Ontario is a popular tourist attraction which according to some estimates attracts nearly 12 million visitors every year. Considered to be one of the most famous in the United States as well, Niagara is surrounded by a number of hotels in Canada which offer comprehensive range of accommodation facilities to travelers. Additionally, various hotels in Canada not only offer accommodation facilities at affordable tariff but also are considered amongst the best hotels.

In the era of internet, various hotels in Canada provide facility to do online reservation of hotels in Canada. All major hotels in Canada have well-appointed meeting rooms which not only accommodate any number of guests at one time; they also are able to facilitate gatherings and conferences. Travelers traveling to Canada have plenty of choices in terms of accommodation facilities in Canada and various cities in it.

Canada hotels reservation is easy and user friendly. Additionally, hotels in Canada are linked with each other and various travel agencies so that there is no issue regarding their availability. The accommodation in Canada hotels is not only comfortable but affordable also. In order to fascinate travelers from around the world, Canada hotels ensure that travelers have an unforgettable holiday experience in the country.

Canada hotels provide advance hotel reservations in Canada so that travelers do not face problem booking their hotel on their requirement. Additionally, with online hotel booking now travelers can book their hotel room instantly and enjoy a range of services offered by various hotels. A number of Canada hotels offer discounts depending upon the time of a year. In order to accommodate handicapped travelers, hotels in Canada provide special rooms.

Also known as Old Port, Vieux Port is a popular tourist attraction in Canada. Although, the riverfront is completely separate from the nearby Port of Montreal, it has its own distinct and attractive allure which attracts travelers from around the world. Stanley Park on the other hand is spread in more than 1,000 acre in the city limits of Vancouver. Wild animals such as cedars, hemlocks, and many others are common spotting of the park.

Canada Vacation Tips: 12 Must Know Terms to Make Your Life Easier While Traveling in Canada

Americans and Canadians speak the same language – right?

Well, not quite and if you want to make the most of your vacation in the beautiful and rugged north, you probably want to brush up on a few local terms to feel right at home.

Of course, you will see labels and signs all over in Canada in both French and English. But, through my extensive travels I’ve learned that some Canadian words just don’t translate into American English, and vice versa.

So, here is a handy glossary of 12 Terms You Need To Know When You Visit Canada:

  1. Loonies and Toonies – These cutesy words are far weightier than they sound. They mean money. Loonies are gold colored $1 coins. Where does this term come from? Well the Loon is the national bird appearing on the front of the $1 coin. The lonesome call of the Loon is a familiar sound in the Canadian wilderness.
  2. Toonies -Yes, you guessed it. Toonies are the Loonies $2 cousin.
  3. Tuque – The quintessential winter accessory in Canada. We hear that these winter hats are called “ski hats” or “beanies” elsewhere. But Canadians will keep their tuques, thank you very much.
  4. Tim Hortons – Canada’s favorite coffee and donut shop. Located throughout the country and often referred to as “Timmies”, it’s a staple in the Canadian diet.
  5. Double-double – Often heard at Tim Horton’s, this is the way the “pros” order a coffee with two creams and two sugars
  6. Pop The common word for a soft drink, deriving from “soda pop”. Up here, soda is the fizzy water that’s good for getting pop stains out of clothes.
  7. Washroom – A synonym for bathroom, restroom or toilet. Don’t waste precious time looking for the bathroom when all signs point to the washroom.
  8. Poutine – With all the multi-cultural foods peppering Canada, be sure to try this homegrown favorite on your vacation. This dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy originated in Quebec has won fans across the country. Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds!
  9. Canuck -This is a term of endearment for “Canadian” as in the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, who can be seen on Hockey Night in Canada. Hockey Night in Canada is a must see TV event for hockey lovers…meaning most of Canada. Ask any Canadian on your vacation to hum the theme song – it’s a catchy one!
  10. Runners – These are casual sports shoes, otherwise called sneakers or tennis shoes. “Runners” can join “sneakers” on my unofficial list of oddly named items.
  11. Click/Kilometer – Kilometer is such a cumbersome word for measuring distance. The slang “click” is a much faster way to share how many kilometers you’ve traveled on your Canadian vacation.
  12. Bill – Although you may run into a few friendly Canucks named Bill, chances are you’ll meet bill more often. In Canada, a bill is what you pay at a restaurant.

So, next time you’re in Canada, counting your loonies and toonies while enjoying your double-double after walking 10 clicks in runners and thinking about asking for the bill …you’ll feel right at home.

Digital Desire – Images From the Premiere Babe Sites in the Market

Digital Desires isn’t a porn site, or at least, that’s what they’ll let you know, and in an abundance of means, they’re right. It’s even more artistic than that. They address their particular designs well, and are also obsessed with delivering a large quality experience. I’ll state this, the site is certainly maybe not difficult center, and there’s reasonably small man-woman gender, therefore if that’s your idea of a porn site, then I’d have to concur. This isn’t the site you’re trying to find. What you will find, however, is a soft-core style website, a lot of solo play (some toys, and some girl-girl action), and a few of the many breathtaking females when you look at the earth.

How Much Does It Cost?

The website has three basic membership options. You could potentially subscribe to a monthly cost of $19.95, a three month membership for $39.99, or an entire 12 months for $94.99. If you opt for this second choice, you will find no automated re-bill (there is in the other two account choices). Payments are handled either by charge card, check, or EU debit. Once again, a couple of points off here for not having a 1-3 day test pass, and for not becoming PayPal friendly, however, many good account choices nevertheless, and also at prices that won’t break the lender.
Digital Desire Continues to Surprise After All Those Years

Precisely What Do You Get?

The first, biggest thing you receive is J. Stephen Hicks. Whether or not you don’t understand that title, you’ve seen his work, because it’s graced the covers of only about every great men’s magazine regarding the market, including Playboy and Penthouse. Regardless of what else it is possible to say in connection with website, you must offer them this. They’re getting led by a guy that knows the business and has an eye for beauty and information, and it shows. When you look at the site’s general design, when you look at the layouts and spreads, and in the videos. From top to bottom, you’re getting exquisite high quality.

In inclusion to this though, you’re getting a blend of expert women and beginners, all stunningly gorgeous, an archive of greater than 150,000 pictures, more than one thousand movies, both readily available in a variety of formats (including zip downloads), and both optimized for seeing on mobile devices. In addition to this, you receive online streaming movie previews, daily desktops, photo associated with month, everyday art, backstage photographs and video footage, and a note board. The site additionally features a regarding the web shop in which it is possible to purchase DVD collections and books featuring J. Stephen Hicks’ exquisite photography.all of that to state, provided the reasonably low valued account costs, you’re obtaining a staggering level of content for not a pile of cash.

A Combine of Pros and Amateurs

As mentioned, the site is maybe not exclusively beginners. Hicks is a lot more than happy to make usage of beautiful ladies, regardless of their particular experience amount, and his experience really shines, because he is able to simply take a female (even a female who is brand not used to the business) and by the time he’s finished together with her, you’d never ever know it was her very first time right in front of a camera. All of that to state, don’t be astonished if you notice some faces that you recognize among their numerous designs, but additionally, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how a lot of faces you’ve never ever seen before. In either case, even when professionals are used, all the product within the web site is exclusive to Digital Desires. They don’t cut any corners in that department, and you won’t be getting recycled product you’ve seen a dozen other places.

Regular Updates

The site has been around for longer than a ten years (even though it did undergo a makeover maybe not too extended agoâEUR¦formerly, it was called Digital Dreams), and as a number of these, they’ve got an enormous library of material to aid maintain your eyeballs hectic and pleased for a tremendously extended time. In inclusion to this, the site receives normal updates. There’s not a day that goes by that one thing doesn’t alter. New photos published, blog posts (side note about that: You don’t need to actually join to get access for his or her outstanding blog, which is updated frequently and features a number of spectacular photos in each post, along with thoughtful and thought provoking commentary, so you truly obtain the absolute best of all the globes right here. An abundance of attention candy, aided by the blog acting as an extension regarding the “free tour,” therefore the photographs aren’t out there simply with regards to their very own benefit, but they are tied to the framework for the post itself.


There’s a great deal to like about this site. Every model’s picture shoot is set completely expertly and with a relentless focus on information. Every video clip is large quality, features unobtrusive history songs common to smooth core choices, as well as training course, a beautiful lady. As previously pointed out, the girl is many often alone, undressing provocatively for the camera, after that coming in contact with herself as you watch. nearly all the time, she’s simply using her fingers, though sometimes toys are involved. More rarely, an additional woman is introduced, and you have a visual feast as two gorgeous ladies be sure to one another. Rarely will the truth is a man involved on camera, but it takes place today and once more.
Among the greatest features of the site, in my opinion, is the âEURoebackstageâEUR

5 reasons why businesses need social media

If you are a small business owner, and you have yet to begin using social media to support your sales strategy, you may need to recheck your approach. Social Media is a remarkable tool. Ten years ago, it did not exist in any recognizable form.

Today, it is incredibly prevalent, and has become a significant part of many people’s daily lives, especially young people. If you are not using your social media options appropriately, you risk being left behind in the most recent wave of marketing innovations. With that being said:

5 Reason Why Businesses Need Social Media

1. Social Media is contagious:

Your biggest problem as a business owner is in getting your marketing to as many people as possible for as little time and money as possible. Social media allows you to target a relatively small sector of people while obtaining a large marketing audience. For example, if you can get one person to like your page, that one person will turn into a force multiplier projecting your page to anyone who looks at his profile by showing that he or she liked your page.

2. Word of mouth marketing:

You can turn people into advertising agents. A person may see your link and skip over it without thinking anything, or that person might follow the link back to your page. Now imagine you get a couple hundred people to look at your page. Suddenly your chances of more people visiting your page grow, and for each person who likes your page, the process repeats. That’s free advertising.

3. Build an audience:

Social media allows you to develop a marketing audience. You do not usually have the option to have people actively attending your advertising. Usually you project your advertising to your target audience, but you are only hoping people pay attention. With social media, you have a static location where people can come to you to see your advertisement. This allows you to direct traffic to these spots on the internet rather than elsewhere on the web.

4. Engage your customer:

With social media, you can offer giveaways and other incentives for people to like your page, follow you on twitter, or post things to their wall. You can develop a consistent audience who will be waiting for the next chance to benefit from your page, even if they have never actually won a giveaway.

5. Social Proof:

With social media, you can make it seem that these people who actually like your pages for personal gain are real people who like and approve of your product. The very systems used in social media can work like sign language to suggest that your products or services are valuable.

Well, there you have it. Five reasons why businesses can’t afford to ignore social media. Stay tuned for the next article which will delve into the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

Binghamton's surging creative energy

Binghamton, New York has long held a reputation of being an aging rust belt city in the heart of Upstate New York. It has endured two devastating floods within a five year span. Its unemployment rate and poverty level are both among the highest in the state. A recent article by Wilder Fleming highlights the hurdles this region must overcome with regard to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s overall New York State economic development agenda. (“Setting the Agenda: Economic Development”, 9/12/13, City & State)

Despite all this, Binghamton continues to show its resilience. Businesses are slowly taking up residence in and around the downtown core. Bubbling just under the surface, is one industry that doesn’t get much attention. Being that it is the one industry dedicated to bringing attention to its client base, many may find this a bit surprising.

Firms specializing in digital and social media marketing are gaining a foothold in the local economy. Taking up residence in long abandoned office space in some of the area’s most prominent historic buildings, they are breathing new life in and around the Binghamton region (Freshy Sites, Hue Studios, Ad Elements and White Knight Productions; just to name a few). Many others ply their craft out of coffee shops and family dining rooms across the Binghamton area (Unbiased Communications, O’Malley & Associates). With the grand opening of a new coworking venture, CoWork Binghamton slated for an October opening in the historic Lackawanna Train Station (“CoWork Binghamton: Drop in and get creative”, 8/17/13, Press & Sun Bulletin), more of these creative and talented entrepreneurs will have an affordable space to master their craft in digital and social media marketing.

Excellent Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Guidance For Somebody Seeking Info

You may be thrilled about the ability to transform some thing through cosmetic plastic surgery. That is certainly wonderful, but you must ensure that you are totally educated of all things that will happen. Here are some cosmetic plastic surgery recommendations to successfully are knowledgeable of this process.
In no way has moderation been more important than in the world of plastic surgery. The perfect procedure can make all of the variation on the planet. Possessing a beneficial impact on confidence. Even so, it is rather present with go overboard. The final results of lots of processes are hardly ever good.
Cosmetic surgery will always need a minimum of one day of recovery. Frequently the healing period of time will probably be for a longer time. Make certain you have arranged these days out, which includes which will give you a hand especially how you will keep your costs if you are clear of operate and wage.
There are lots of occasions in everyday life when conserving money is an essential part of the acquiring decision, nonetheless, aesthetic or plastic surgery will not be one of these brilliant periods. This does not always mean that you need the highest priced surgeon achievable, nevertheless, you probably want in order to avoid price range plastic cosmetic surgery as well.
Well before there is a procedure carried out, be sure you thoroughly look at the stated procedure. So many people are excited, and so they speed into a number of processes. Their basic study energizes their needs. They forget to ensure that they admiration the value of such a determination, by not thoroughly research the option.
Nearly all aesthetic physicians can have a book accessible for their past tasks, for romantic adjustments including breast surgery. Make sure to request to take a look at this particular guide in order to see the amount of achievement your medical professional has seasoned before. This provides you with an opportunity to make thorough choices regarding your individual changes.
Do your homework on the area exactly where you will end up owning your surgical procedures. These locations ought to be registered, regular evaluation data ought to be available and they also ought to have data of their documentation. Your medical doctors business office should also be frequently looked over, along with listed. Make certain that the location where by you will get surgical treatment is up-to-date with the state recognition table criteria. It must also have a good history, without the need of law suits and disappointed patients.
Study to find out simply how much expertise a physician has with all the job you wish to did. A doctor will be more competent the greater number of methods he executes. Also, physicians who definitely have continuously done the treatments you’re considering convey more patients it is possible to talk with with regards to their work. Which means that he is more likely to get some malpractice satisfies on his document, if appropriate
Regardless how slight a cosmetic surgery procedure is, you have to have a assistance community securely into position. Make certain that a pal or general understands exactly where you stand and what you’re performing. Your physician and her or his team needs to have the relevant get in touch with details, also. In this way, in the event you will find unforeseen problems, you’ll have somebody completely ready to assist you.
Make sure to enquire about evaluation costs before heading set for the initial visit. Some doctors charge for the office visit, then again this price is deducted from the final value of the surgical procedures if you choose that doctor. Others will charge for that go to regardless of your final choice, and several provide free consults.
Consider the operative heart to ensure that, they have the correct licensing in your state. The correct accreditation ensures, that the service goes through regular examinations. These requirements lessen the risk of article-operative infection, and other difficulties. In case allungamento del pene the service does not have the appropriate certifications, have the procedure carried out someplace else.
Everything ought to be prepared for your healing once the surgery. Acquire a few weeks off work and possess ample foods held in your freezer so there is no need to have your property. Let your friends and relations know you will probably might need some support and may also struggle to travel.
Cosmetic plastic surgery is something that isn’t to be rushed into. You will be delighted about ultimately progressing to transform anything about yourself you do unlike, but remember it really is surgical procedures. Be prepared and knowledgeable in regards to the whole process, so that it can go properly. Make use of the ideas laid out on this page, and you may rest assured you happen to be the two well prepared and educated.

Corporate Flags Yorkshire Are to Be Seen All Over the Place

The power of advertising is something which no business can afford to overlook, no matter if it a small mom and pop corner shop or a large scale corporation. This advertising can take many forms depending the budget and the requirements of the business but the use of things such as flags, banners and signs are an excellent first step. This is why you will find that for large companies corporate banners and corporate flags are to be seen everywhere, as well as other advertising tactics.
In promoting products, services, and even people, it is important to be able to catch the attention of the public. As such, there are various forms of advertisement that have been used by many marketing and promotions agencies. These forms include television, radio, and local newspaper advertising. However, there are also other forms of advertising that have become popular for the past years. The use of billboards for advertising has become quite effective in the majority of products and services that these billboards advertise. Moreover, flyers and brochures are also effective forms of advertisement. Lately, the most recent addition to advertising is corporate flags.

Corporate flags Leeds, and elsewhere, are actually flags that promote products, services, places, and even people. The corporate flag become the latest trend in advertisement, and are in fact preferred by most companies, entities, and advertising agencies. The corporate flag Leeds, the corporate flag Yorkshire, or the corporate flag anywhere else in the county is a cheaper alternative form of advertising when compared to other forms.
One of the advantages of such flags is its eye-catching appearance. Most of the promotional flags are so designed in such a way that people will actually take a glance on it. Moreover, the colours of these flags which can be of any hue are very attractive as well. Finally, promotion flags are pleasant to look at, most especially since these flags move at the slightest breeze.
In any company event, the banner that any company uses symbolizes the corporation itself. It may be seen all over the country. Promoting managers are promoting and giving them away so as to market the corporation. Custom banners may be used as an honest promoting tool. It will embrace photos and words that facilitate to speak while not speech something. The banner the corporate has is additionally important. The symbols that are utilized in them are quite essential as a result of simply because of them folks tend to form their opinion.
Corporate flags Yorkshire, or anywhere else in the country, are great not only for the advertising benefits which they undoubtedly provide, but also from the point of view of image. There is something attractive and welcoming about seeing flags flying on the breeze and the sight of familiar logs and signs can help a person feel secure. I know that there is a certain building which I often drive past and that when I see the corporate banners, I know that I am very near to reaching home.

The Benefits Of Manitou Training And Having A Manitou Gold Card

When you go to apply for work at a construction company there is a good chance that the comp-any will occasionally need someone to operate a Manitou. If you have taken Manitou training that has gotten you a Manitou Gold Card then you will stand a better chance of being hired, and you will be offered a higher starting wage.

A Manitou gold card in your pocket proves to people who own one of these machines that you know how to operate the machine in the proper manner. Anyone can say they can drive a fork lift, or operate a telescopic handler, and most people are smart enough to figure out the controls on these machines, but only someone with Manitou training will know how to operate the machine the way that the manufacturer recommended.

When companies hire an individual with Manitou training they know they are3 getting someone that can help them prolong the life of their equipment. They know they are getting someone that will be less likely to have an accident while using the equipment, and they know they are getting someone that will be able to do the work needed, with less material damages.

A Manitou gold card can often get a person hired even when the construction company was not actually planning on hiring a new employee. If you have a certificate saying you know how to operate the equipment they have on the jobsite then the person doing the hiring will know that they are getting an employee that can fill more than one position. That means if they are short handed in one area they can always put you in to make up the difference.

When you take the time to be certified on the equipment that is normally used by the companies that you will most likely be trying to be hired by you will increase your chances of finding work, and you will increase the amount of pay a company will be willing to give you.

Many companies like to have their maintenance on their equipment done by their employees instead of taking the equipment to a shop. When the equipment is taken to a shop it costs the company more money because they have to work without their equipment until it returns. Employees with gold cards know how to do simple maintenance checks on the machines so they can save the company money.